Friday, October 15, 2010

"Getting to Know You" Kickoff

Our stake recently had major boundary changes, creating a brand new ward. Since both of us activity day leaders are new, we decided to plan a "getting to know you" activity.

To break the ice and to get to know the girls better, we played the following games:

Fruit Basket: Everyone sits in a circle. Each person chooses a fruit. They can be the same as others or different. One person is in the middle. The person in the middle yells out a fruit, fruits or fruit basket (which means everyone has to move). Those people whose fruit it is must get up and find another seat. This repeats for as long as you like.

M&M game: A bag of M&M's is passed around to all the girls. The girls may take as many as they would like, but there is a catch. Once everyone has their M&M's (and they cannot eat them until the game is over), each girl must tell something about themselves for every M&M they grabbed.

Getting to Know You Exchange: Each girl is given a list of questions such as find someone you go to school with, find someone who has a birthday the same month as you, find someone who likes to sing. These are easy to make up and adjust to the group in your ward. The girls are then given a time limit and must answer all the questions.

After the games, we had them create Activity Day Notebooks that they will use throughout their activities. It was really simple and easy.

For each girl, you will need one lab notebook, two sheets of 12x12 scrapbook paper, a glue stick and a nameplate.

First, line your scrapbook paper up with the back of the binding of the notebook. Place glue next to the binding. Fold the scrapbook paper into the inside of the notebook, but do not glue yet.

Next, fold the edges of the notebook in. Glue those edges. Then fold the large part of the paper over. Glue. Let dry.

Repeat both steps for the back cover. Finally, attach with glue the nameplate to the cover.

During the time that we created these, we reviewed their Faith in God notebooks.

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