Sunday, November 7, 2010

Plan To. . .

The start of this wonderful idea kind of took off on its own, but thank you to a post on!

So the girls arrived and we announced we were going to make a cookies without a recipe! They were so psyched! It was pretty funny... they wanted absolutely no salt... and then they couldn't decide how much flour or eggs... and kept adding extra ingredients. The real clincher. . . . they actually got the heat right on the oven, but decided to bake it for 30 minutes!!! Yep! It turned out completely burned... and I actually had to throw out the cookie sheet. I couldn't get the darn cookies off!

So while it was cooking, we carried on the following discussion:

Does it make sense to make cookies without a recipe? Only maybe if you are a cook, right. But even then a good cook has a reference and experience in order to do it without a recipe. Even then, sometimes a good cook’s recipe can be off.

What are the differences do you think will be in the two recipes? Discuss this.

Just like those differences in the recipes, do you think it is important that we have a plan for our lives? Have we been given a plan? (The plan of Salvation. It would be handy to have a copy of these they can practice putting in order.) What is the ultimate purpose in the plan in salvation? To return to our Heavenly Father. Do you know how we return to our Heavenly Father?

1. Faith
2. Repentance
3. Baptism
4. Gift of the Holy Ghost
5. Endowment
6. Marriage/Sealing in the temple (Can we go to the temple on the spur of the moment? Are there things we have to do in order to go to the temple?)
7. Enduring to the end

These are pretty big steps. Can we easily veer off course? So the easiest way to remedy it is to set a goal and have a plan that you can implement for the rest of your life.

“With every choice in life, we are not merely choosing things or events. We are choosing ourselves, for just as surely as we shape life, it shapes us.” Robert L. Backman

So tonight, we want you each to set two or three long term goals such as marriage in the temple, serving a mission, etc. For a page in your notebook, we have a piece of paper for you to put in that you can write down those goals. If you can’t think of one or don’t want to share, you can fill that part of your notebook later. Then after you have written those, we would like you to make a goal to complete your Faith in God award.

So now that each of you wants to do this…. We want a little bit of your help. As your leaders, we need to plan activities. We don’t know what you have done or where you are at. So we have a generic activities sheet that will help us find more about what kinds of activities you enjoy, what you have done, etc. So once you are done filling out your notebook. Fill out our activity sheet. Then we will have a little bit of discussion at the end.

Discuss the last few questions on the activity sheet.

Talk about how important responsibility and leadership is. Explain their roles in making activity days a success.

Finally the girls received a copy of the recipe and were able to make a decent batch of cookies!!!

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