Sunday, April 3, 2011

Christ's Birthday

With Christ's true birthday occurring this month, we decided to help the girls celebrate his birthday by throwing the Savior a party in his honor.

A present for Christ: No party is without gifts. For our guest of honor, material items can not necessarily suffice. So we talked about what types of things we could give Christ. Then each girl wrote down a personal goal of what they could give the Savior. The girls then slipped this piece of paper into a small box wrapped in birthday paper. We challenged each girl to put this box somewhere were they could remember their goal and to actively work on it.

Special Activity: To emphasize how important girl is to the Savior, we had a piece a paper with their name on it. The girls then were to write something specific about each girl... something that they liked about each other.

Games: Then we played friendship tag and did a jelly bean relay.

Finally we had cake and ice cream! It was quite a fun activity!

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