Monday, January 31, 2011

Article of Faith Jeopardy

Every four months we have an Article of Faith Activity to remind the girls and to catch up on their articles of faith!

The last activity we played two really fun rounds of jeopardy! The girls had a blast! We have 10 girls so we split them up into even groups. They took turns answering the questions.

To do this activity:

For round 1: You need a 100-point and 200-point question for each article of faith.

For round 2: You need 1 question for each article of faith.

Here is what our questions were:

Round 1 questions:

Articles of Faith - General
100 points - Who wrote the Articles of Faith? (Joseph Smith)
200 points - What are the Articles of Faith? (Thirteen brief statements of some of the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

A of 1
100 points - How many personages are in the Godhead? (3)
200 points - Name the three members of the Godhead. (Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost)

A of 2
100 points - For whose sins will men be punished? (Their own)
200 points - What was Adam's transgression? (He ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil)

A of 3
100 points - Who is our Savior? (Jesus Christ)
200 points - What does the third Article of Faith say we are to do to be saved? (Be obedient to laws and ordinances of the gospel)

A of 4
100 points - What does baptism by "immersion" mean. (Being completely covered in water)
200 points - What are the first 4 principles of the gospel? (Faith, repentance, baptism by immersion, gift of the Holy Ghost)

A of 5
100 points - We believe that a man must be called of ____________. (God)
200 points - What is the authority that is talked about in this Article of Faith? (Priesthood authority)

A of 6
100 points - Who is the prophet on the earth today? (Thomas S. Monson)
200 points - The Church that Jesus organized when he was on the earth is sometimes called _____________. (The Primitive Church)

A of 7
100 points - What is the gift of tongues? (To be able to speak in a different language)
200 points - Who may receive revelation for the whole church? (prophet)

A of 8
100 points - Which book of scripture do we believe to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly? (The Bible)
200 points - Who was shown the Gold Plates and translated them? (Joseph Smith)

A of 9
100 points - We believe all that God has ____________. (revealed)
200 points - Name two things God has revealed to us in the latter days. (Various answers like word of wisdom, temple ordinances, FHE, marriage should be between man and woman, etc.)

A of 10
100 points - Where will Zion be built? (on the American continent)
200 points - Who will reign upon the earth during the Millennium? (Jesus Christ)

A of 11
100 points -What is the privilege we claim? (to worship God how we believe is right)
200 points - What privilege do we allow other people? (to worship how they believe)

A of 12
100 points - We believe in being ___________ to kings, presidents, rulers and magistrates. (subject)
200 points - What does it mean to be subject to kings, presidents....? (be obedient to the laws)

A of 13
100 points - Who do we believe in being good? (all men)
200 points - Name two types of things we see after. (anything virtuous, lovely, of good report, or praiseworthy.)

Round 2 questions: (Name the Article of Faith)

100 points
The principles and ordinances of the gospel. (4)

200 points
We will be punished for our own actions and not anyone else's. (2)

300 points
This one deals with the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. (1)

400 points
We try to do kind things to everyone and seek after lovely things. (13)

500 points
We believe in the translated Bible and the Book of Mormon. (8)

600 points
Everyone is saved through the Atonement of Christ. (3)

700 points
The organization of the Church. (6)

800 points
How and why men are called of God. (5)

900 points
There are many gifts such as the gift of tongues. (7)

1000 points
Some day Christ will reign on the earth, and the earth will be returned to its glorious state. (10)

1100 points
God still reveals important things in our day. (9)

1200 points
Everyone has the right to worship where or what they may. (11)

1300 points
We obey our presidents, police officers and the keep the law. (12)

We find the Articles of Faith in this book of scripture. (The Pearl of Great Price)

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